This is how the Kite Team is structured and why it works so well.

A question that I am often asked is how to structure a team. I’m going to share how we’re structured and how we sell over 350 houses a year. Last year, we had five licensed agents transact 352 units. Here’s how we’re set up:

Every lead that comes in goes to our inside sales department. These people answer our phones and take down information from the individual calling. From there, they determine whether an appointment needs to be scheduled, whether they just need to be followed up with, or whether they need to go to a lender. They feel out the next step for that individual.

If it goes to an agent, then the agent is booked with that client. There will be an appointment scheduled on the agent’s calendar. The ISAs will do a follow-up and confirm the appointment. If the appointment is taken, the agent will send out listing paperwork to that client.

“Some people can handle the entire transaction, but most like a smaller part of the agent job.”

If they’re not motivated to sell right now, that lead goes back to inside sales, and they just do a follow-up with the potential client. Once we get property and listing paperwork signed, we send out the photographer and courier. The agent is in contact with the client throughout the process.

Once a property is listed, the transaction coordinators help to dummy the draft listing and communicate with the client to get more information. Once an offer comes in, the agent negotiates the offer. The TCs step back in at that point and walk it through to closing. They’re keeping track of the appraisal, inspection, and final walk-through. When the property comes to closing, the inside sales team will again do a follow-up.

Our agents focus on agent activities, transaction coordinators focus on the paperwork, and inside sales focuses on lead generation. It’s a great situation for people who are great at one part of the process and not the whole thing. Some people can handle the entire transaction, but most like a smaller part of the agent job. That’s where a team works well.

If you have any questions about how we’re set up or know of anybody who’d be interested in our team, please contact us. We’re always looking for great people.