Today I’m sharing an example of how we would do our listing presentation.

Today I’ll share how we do our listing presentation.

When we get a lead, we gather information about the property, such as what they owe on it and what they believe the value is. Then, prior to the listing, we will create multiple CMAs for the property. We may decide to do the neighborhood, ranch properties, or 3-bedroom and 2.5-bathroom properties to ensure we are getting the most accurate pricing possible.

During the appointment, we take notes and then bring up the CMAs on an iPad and determine the pricing before showing the home interiors to the client to convince them that our pricing is correct. And this is an important step; I lost a listing once because I wasn’t able to show the interior of a property. So make sure you’re able to show them the interiors of the CMAs as well. Then we can have a conversation with the client and understand how they’re feeling about the property.

A lot of what you do in a listing presentation comes down to being on the spot. Being familiar with the market and understanding proper pricing strategy is important. I might be looking through three or so CMAs during a listing presentation to constantly check and re-evaluate the pricing. I believe the listing side of things is the most difficult position, and it comes down to experience.

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