Ask yourself this question to ensure you’re providing enough value to your clients.

Are you finding that you’re receiving a lot of pushback from sellers about your commission, especially in the current real estate market? In the absence of value, all that’s left is price. Have you considered that you just haven’t been selling enough value to them? Start with a crucial question: What’s most important to the seller?

For example, if you say, “We provide staging, but the house looks beautifully staged already,” there isn’t any value in that to them. Find out what’s most important to them and what assistance they need—those are the things we need to sell our clients as our value. Every seller will be different, so ask what’s important and why it’s important to them. Keep asking questions as you dig deeper and find out what else they consider important.

“In the absence of value, all that’s left is price.”

Most real estate agents don’t ask these kinds of questions, so they’re just hoping that whatever they blanketly provide is what that seller needs. Figure out how you can solve their problems, and then you’ll find that they’re more willing to pay your commission, the one you deserve.

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