I’m offering advice for how to handle the three major agent challenges.

The three main challenges real estate agents face are time, money, and people. When you run a real estate business, you’ll deal with all three of them regularly. Today I’m offering my advice on how to handle these challenges.

Time is precious and has value. Every hour has a dollar value, so time blocking is crucial. Take control of your time by blocking out sections of your day to lead generate, go on appointments, and even go to the grocery store.

People sometimes also have trouble saying “no,” but don’t be afraid to say it. Sometimes we say yes to everything because we want to please people or say we’ll handle something that doesn’t truly fit into our day. The more efficient you are with your time, the more money you can make. If every minute is worth a certain dollar amount, the more efficient you are, and the more likely you are to create more dollars.

Next, let’s discuss money. Agents like “shiny objects,” and we’re all sold shiny objects that may make us a bunch of money, but they may not too. If we don’t hold our money accountable, we won’t see a return on our spending. Be very careful with your money; create a budget that will show you exactly what your monthly costs are so you know the amount you need to make every month to pay the bills. Don’t forget to pay yourself too—you should be the first person you pay.

“The more efficient you are with your time, the more money you can make.”

Finally, we need to talk about people. Even if you don’t have a team, you still have people working for you. You have the broker, office staff, maybe people who come in to train, and possibly a coach or mentor, so ensure you’re getting value from each of them.

If you’re paying the company money but the office staff isn’t helping you through the transaction, what are you paying for, where are your fees going? Holding people accountable to helping you is key. Make sure your coaches and mentors are challenging you, holding you accountable, and helping you grow. Is the training you’re receiving helping you become better at your job, get more leads, convert more leads, etc.?

If you have questions about these three major agent challenges or any other real estate matter, I’d be glad to help. Please reach out via phone or email; I’d love to speak with you.